Think about the power a home has to facilitate growth in your life?

“The same way a home has the power to propel someone’s life forward. The lack of a home can be a debilitating burden.”- Zack Griffin

Homeless Veterans spend an average of 6 years on the streets.

Why are there 1.4 million Veterans are at risk for homelessness?

This may be due to poverty, overcrowding in government housing, and lack of support networks. Feeling lost and alone. Research indicates that war- related disabilities or disorders often contribute to Veteran homelessness. Including physical disabilities, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety and addiction.

What can be done to help our Veterans?

Community support and tiny homes are a way to improve this. It is the response to the growing number of homeless Veterans.


Building tiny homes offer a way for Veterans to reconnect with the community for assistance and other Veterans.

Financial stability and independence is gained with the use of small efficient tiny homes that use repurposed and ecofriendly material.

We always wondered why somebody didn’t do something sooner, then We realized together we are that somebody.


To cut cost we customize and fabricate everything.

just a few of our projects

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