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 Thomas Cope, co-founder & President of Veterans of America, Forming his first company at 18 years old. Thomas has a business mindset & experience in residential and commercial building. When he isn't busy planning events or working with veterans of america, he spends time working on vintage cars , motorcycles and traveling with his partner Karen riffel.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thomas and Karen met in Center City, PA in 2003 and they were instantly crazy about each other. Karen was deployed to Iraq and the two lost touch. although, Years had passed by  Thomas was still crazy about Karen. Life reconnected them, in 2016 after a visit to Kansas to see his mother. She had given him a small box containing an old sketch book.  In the middle of the night on his trip back from Kansas to Texas in the bus, Thomas pulled over.

Research has shown us that not much of funds raised actual go to the cause. and so veterans of America was founded. It was important to make the bus self sufficient with amenities. Unlike traditional nonprofits that have a high overhead cost, it was important that we didn’t take salaries or have any additional expenses to cover.

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After, looking through the book he realized it was Karen’s, from so many years ago.  He sent her a Facebook message containing some long forgotten letters found in the book.  A few weeks later Thomas flew to Florida to see Karen after what seemed like a lifetime.  Time did not changed things between them. As the days and weeks went by they could no longer be away from each other.

Sergeant Karen “Rif” Riffel, Co-founder & Vice President of Veterans of America joined the service at 17. Her father served in the military and her grandfather in WWII (POW). Coming from a military family, she has a passion for supporting us military vets motorcycle club "USMVMC" and exchange stories with other Veterans at the local VFW.  She Is an Operation Iraqi Freedom, Combat War Veteran, who served honorably in the U.S. Army from 2001-2010. She just graduated with her Bachelors in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her MBA with a focus in Project Management.  In her spare time she likes to go on adventures on the motorcycle, explore new places with her dog Oz and working on projects with Thomas Cope.


The behind the scenes creation of the “tiny home” on wheels can be seen on facebook at  AMerica the adventure. Veterans of America is a result of  two peoples passion to explore and touch lives in a process to  “leave no man behind” and to empower Veterans to have a place in the American dream they fought to defend for us.

 " Tiny home” on wheels  America the adventure

Thomas sold off his business and the two start building a “tiny house” out of a gmc bus. THe bus was gutted and made efficient with  New insolation and wiring for overhead high output solar panels. a wvo (waste vegetable oil) type system was designed to allow multi type fuel usage.